Sara (Robb) and Seth (Ludwig) are alien children who have crashed to Earth. They enlist the help of Jack Bruno (Johnson), a cab driver. The kids have special talents: Sara can read minds and levitate items, Seth can shift matter. The government, led by Henry Burke (Hinds) is aware of their crash and is after them. Jack can only do so much for them, and soon he enlists the help of astrophysicist Alex Friedmen (Gugino). Soon, they are racing to their spaceship, hidden in Witch Mountain, getting out alive won't be as easy as they think, especially with another alien hunting them down.

race to witch mountain, review, movie, posterRace to Witch Mountain" is just fine for the audience it was intended for. It has pretty much everything younger kids would enjoy: aliens disguised as teenagers, cool special effects, a few chase sequences, funny characters, funny dialogue, and even Dwayne Johnson (who doesn't seem to like being called The Rock anymore, even though it was his professional wrestling name for many years). Is this to suggest that adults won't respond to it? Probably, although it might attract those who saw the original 1975 film "Escape to Witch Mountain," especially since this remake includes cameo appearances by Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann. While I concede that this is a decent kid's film made in the spirit of entertainment, I just can't bring myself to recommend it. Watching it, I got the impression that most kids will let it go as soon as they grow up.

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    Race to Witch Mountain movie releases in India today on 28th August, 2009. Race to Witch Mountain is another rocking movie which introduces The Rock after The Rundown (2003) and The Game Plan (2007).

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