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An adaptation of the Maurice Sendak 1963 children's book “Where the Wild Things Are”, which won the 1964 Caldecott Medal for best illustrations in a book for children. It was one of my favorite picture books as a kid and remains so to this day.

The movie is directed by Spike Jonze and written by Jonze and Dave Eggers. It is about a boy named Max (Max Records), who is determined to have as much fun as possible, even if having that fun means wreaking havoc throughout the house. Before long, Max is, understandably, sent to his room by his mother, Connie (Catherine Keener) without any supper for running wild and making so much mischief. What's a boy sent to his room to do? Why, go where the wild things are, of course! As if by magic, Max's room transforms into a forest that grows and grows by leaps and bounds. Then, an ocean tumbles by, complete with a private boat for a delight-ed Max. Max hops in his private boat and sails to the land where the wild things are and where a glorious destiny awaits him. After raising a ruckus with the fearsome creatures that are the wild things, Max begins to feel lonely, so he sails for home. And there, on the table by his bed, a surprise that is a testament to a mother's love for her son, awaits. No matter how old you are, the excitement of the story of Where The Wild Things Are is infectious and will hold you as well as your kids enthralled. The movie is set to release on October 16, 2009 by Warner Bros.

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  1. Anonymous Says,

    The cinematography of this movie was impressive, no doubt, but it seemed to be missing a "spark" of some kind... maybe it was just too low energy from beginning to end for me (or at least after the first ten minutes)

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