The Time Travelers Wife,movie, Audrey Niffenegger

The film based on Audrey Niffenegger's stunning debut novel The Time Traveler's Wife, directed by Robert Schwentke and stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams.

Henry De Tamble has an unusual disability. He suffers from Chrono Displacement Disorder. Henry barrels through time, unburdened by clothing or possessions, landing, totally unprepared, for wherever and whatever time's whimsy has prepared for him. Imagine landing totally naked in the middle of a brutal Michigan winter, amongst strangers, ten years in the future? Or twenty years in the past? Henry has been experiencing situations like these since he was five years old when he visited the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History at midnight, while his parents slept unaware that their tiny traveler had slipped through time's warp. He has even gone forward in time to accompany an older self, and gone backwards to comfort the small boy who he once was. Forever at the mercy of his unpredictable genetic clock, he longs to lead a normal life.

It is during one of Henry's amazing time travels that he meets the precocious and engaging Clare, who is six years old. He is thirty-six at the time. Of course, having foresight and hindsight, Henry knows that he and Clare will marry one day, when she is twenty and he is twenty-eight. And so begins the extraordinary and enchanting relationship between Henry and Clare. Clare will learn to cope with a lifetime of Henry's bewildering disappearances and reappearances, with a world that can change in a heartbeat, in exchange for being with her soulmate, for a time. Henry's disability will sorely test their relationship, and each of them as individuals.

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