ice age 3,Dawn of the Dinosaurs, video game

This game is based on the 'Ice Age 3: dawn of the dinosaurs' movie. For the first time ever in an Ice Age video game, play as Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat, and all new jungle adventurer Buck! Use their unique abilities to brave the new dangers they¿ll discover. Experience thrilling game play in the rich habitats of the third Ice Age movie, including the perilous new Dinosaur World, an immersive new jungle environment in the Ice Age world Go tusk-to-tusk with friends and family in competitive multiplayer mini-games. Together you'll hurl snowballs, outrun a dinosaur, explore the dinosaur jungle and much more. Experience a wide variety of thrills throughout single player combat, world navigation and puzzle solving challenges.

The game is more for a fun experience than for challenge (for experienced platform gamers). The sceneries are very pretty you just enjoy going through those beautiful landscapes.


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  1. Pooja Says,

    Dawn Of The Dinosaurs Xbox 360 is a fun game. As I am a big ice age series fan, I will surely enjoy this game. Kids will be surely get attracted to this game. The texture of the game is very colourful. The characters and their expressions are really very nice. For more in detail refer xbox 360 games

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