Mark Levin has placed in plain words the true nature of humanity, our imperfections and the best way we can arrange ourselves.

Liberty and Tyranny. Our situation is summed up quite exactly in those words. Too often people regard freedom as to have all desires fulfilled. But freedom is really just being without external force, to be entirely subject to your own ambitions, goals, desires, and actions.

Tyranny, on the other hand, in all its forms is the removal of self-government and the right to choose from individuals. In this regard we are a nation of soft slavery, where the produced value of some is taken and appropriated to other people. In the words of Walter Williams, there is no moral justification for taking property from someone to whom it belongs and giving it to someone to whom it does not belong. In instance after instance, Mark's book lays out the case that these liberties have been under grievous assault for decades and that our rights are slipping away. We should heed his warning and his advice and refuse to die by 1000 cuts.

Stand up for yourself. Demand an end to the oppression of a progressive tax code, which costs billions in wasted effort on paperwork and administration. Stand up against the enviro-nazis who spend every waking moment, subsidized by authoritarians, figuring out ways to limit what you may do with your own property. Stand up against the education bureaucracy and higher education cartels. They don't teach universally. By and large the education centers in this nation have become locations of indoctrination. Study for yourself what your rights are. Learn to defend them against these committee tyrants. Stand up against the race business. People in America are more equipped and more capable of success if only told, just once that they CAN succeed. Stand up against those who desire, perhaps even with good intention, to organize all rationing of health care with the arbitrary iron fist of government. Stand up against the regulation of private business, in every industry. Stand up against the controls government tries to wield over prices, products, consumers, producers, sellers, and movers.

Stand up for your liberty while you still have the ability. Mark's book is the best starting point from which to launch an independent education of human nature, the justice of liberty and the injustice of tyranny.

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