Upside Down is a Sci-Fi film, set for release in the US in May 2011. The film is written and directed by Juan Diego Solanas and stars Kirsten Dunst as Eve, Jim Sturgess as Adam, Larry Day, Heidi Hawkins as Reporter, Don Jordan as Host, Holly O'Brien as Paula, John Maclaren as Moderator, Elliott Larson as Young Adam, Vincent Messina as Tommy, James Kidnie as Lagavullan, Nicholas Rose as Pablo, Jesse Sherman as Kevin and Paul Don as Policeman #1.

Movie synopsis: Adam (Sturgess) is a seemingly ordinary guy in a very extraordinary universe. He lives humbly trying to make ends meet, but his romantic spirit holds on to the memory of a girl he met once upon a time from another world, an inverted affluent world with its own gravity, directly above but beyond reach… a girl named Eve (Dunst). Their childhood flirtation becomes an impossible love. But when he catches a glimpse of grown up Eve on television, nothing will get in the way of getting her back… Not even the law or science.

Upside Down, 2011, movie, poster

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