Valkyria Chronicles 3 is a turn-based strategy video game developed and published by SEGA for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). Taking place during the Second Europan War, Valkyria Chronicles 3 focuses on Gallian Army Squad 442, also known as "The Nameless". The Nameless are a penal military unit composed of deserters, criminals, and military offenders whose real names are erased from the records and thereon officially referred to by numbers. Ordered by the Gallian military to perform the most dangerous missions and dirty work that the Regular Army and Militia will not do, they are nevertheless up to the task, exemplified by their motto, Altaha Abilia ("Always Ready" in Latin.) The game's main characters are No.7 Kurt Irving, a disgraced army officer who wishes to redeem himself, Ace No.1 Imca, a female Darcsen heavy weapons specialist who seeks revenge against the Valkyria who destroyed her home, and No.13 Riela Marcellis, a seemingly jinxed young woman who is unknowingly a descendant of the Valkyria. Together with their fellow squad members, these three are tasked to fight against a mysterious Imperial unit known as Calamity Raven, composed almost entirely of Darcsen soldiers. Gameplay for Valkyria Chronicles III is mostly the same as its predecessors. The player takes control of individual units during their turn, moving them on the battlefield strategically. Moving each unit uses one Command Point and when all Command Points are used the player's turn is over. A major change to the BLiTZ combat system is the addition of the SP (Special Points) system which allows characters to use special abilities. The protagonist, Kurt, has Direct Command which allows him to direct two units that also renders them immune to enemy fire for its duration, Riela can transform into a Valkyria which makes her invulnerable with access to a powerful beam attack that can take down even tanks, and Imca has Open Fire which damages all enemies in her immediate line of sight.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 game video

Some major changes have also been done to character growth and customization. Similar to Avan, the main character of Valkyria Chronicles II, every character can now change to any class by changing their weapon. However, each character does have their own specialty and thus earn bonuses when kept in a certain class.

Character leveling has also been revamped. While the previous games had the player upgrade each class individually now the squad as a whole is upgraded by leveling up five different attributes. Each character also has a branching, board-like growth system called the Master Board. Through this the player can have each character learn specific Potentials (character abilities that can buff or debuff the unit) to customize the unit.


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