Grim Joggers is an arcade-style survival video game with online leaderboards and achievements. The game is developed and published by 10tons for Apple iPhone. The goal is simple: Lead the joggers as far as possible before they all have faced a gruesome death. The game has a unique gameplay mechanic where the player controls a group of joggers. The first jogger in line does exactly as the player tells him to and the following joggers will mimic these actions. The more room for error the player can leave, the less joggers will usually die.

Grim Joggers has three unique worlds with original perils for each world. In the jungle there are jogger eating plants and in the mines the joggers may turn into a fine mist after running into a barrel of TNT. Each world has its own achievements and a leaderboard. There are also global achievements that can be achieved on all worlds.

Grim Joggers game video

Grim Joggers, game, iphone


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