WeeWaa is an adventure video game developed by Zoink Games for Nintendo Wii, release date to be announced later. Aimed at young children, WeeWaa offers a unique take on motion controlled gaming by offering control via a stuffed toy named WaaWaa. By feeding the Wii Remote into WaaWaa's mouth, it becomes a controller that can be used to move its in-game counterpart. Various minigames are accessed by navigating WaaWaa across a hub world, shaking him to make him walk down paths and turning him to change course. Various actions in these minigames include tilting WaaWaa to make him surf, throwing him to make him jump, laying him on his face to hide from enemies, and bouncing him from his elastic ears to act as a bungee. There are plans to incorporate support for additional Wii Remotes so that parents can control on-screen butterflies to guide the player. The toy comes with a set of badges that players can pin on WaaWaa as a sign of accomplishment.

WeeWaa game video


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