Ilomilo is a puzzle video game, release date for Xbox 360 to be announced later. The game is developed by Southend Interactive and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

In the game, where the player controls two fellows named ilo and milo. The two friends always seem to get separated from each other in the surrealistic and ever changing world they inhabit, and the goal of each level is to reunite them. Players can change control between Ilo and Milo, or two players can control both Ilo and Milo. Because only one character can be "active" at any time, players in multiplayer alternate between controlling their given character and using a "pointer" to help guide the active player. "Eggs" are also hidden on certain levels which are only accessible in multiplayer. Levels are made up of various cubes, some of which Ilo or Milo can pick up and carry in order to place elsewhere in the level, opening a path for the other to travel on. Different cubes have different effects, such as some which extend across gaps or some that allow Ilo or Milo to fall through and end up on the other side. There are also carpets which allow characters to walk on different sides of the cubes and switches which activate bridges. Hidden throughout the levels are various fragments, which when collected piece together postcard memories, explaining some of the game's backstory. There also small creatures called Safkas hidden in each level, which unlock bonuses when collected. Additional content is also available if the player also owns A World of Keflings or Raskulls.

Ilomilo gameplay video

Ilomilo game features:

•Singleplayer story taking you through 4 different environments in the world of ilomilo.

•Cooperative gameplay mode for two players, each player controlling a character.

•Famous cameo characters from other games are hidden in the world for players to find.

•Online Leaderboards: Compare online who has completed the levels in the most clever way.

•Unlockable mini game: Play the ingenious retro 2D mini game ilomilo shuffle with its own competitive leaderboard.


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