Chainz Galaxy is a puzzle video game for PC system, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by MumboJumbo.

In the game, you’ll twist and turn your chains to make colorful matches of three or more to eliminate them from the board and build up a colorful linked world.

Four fresh game modes: Classic, Arcade, Puzzle, and Strategy let you go at your own pace until you run out of links, or race against the clock to see how many chains you can make before time runs out! In Classic mode, you can rattle your chain links in seven stages for 50 levels. Or, test your skills in 15 timed levels in Arcade mode. Try out the 10 Puzzle levels or the nine Strategy games that feature three different difficulty settings—can you conquer the high score on each one?

Chainz Galaxy,Puzzle, Video, game, PC, System

Chainz Galaxy game features:

•80+ levels of match-making

•8 exciting power-ups including Wild Link, Freeze, Magnet, & Cross Link

•30 bonus charms to collect for extra scrambles, trophies & more!

•4 fun game modes: Classic, Arcade, Puzzle & Strategy

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