Terrorist Zombies is an action video game developed and published by Appular for Apple iPhone. In the war-ravaged future, terrorists have resorted to injecting themselves with an experimental neurotoxin that turns humans into ticking time-bomb-toting zombies. Waves of the infected horde are threatening the last bastion of humanity, and after a hair-raising heli-drop, players must take up post as the lone Marine responsible for securing and defending the area against total zombie domination.

A full military battalion is at the player's disposal, waiting to unleash a lethal air-barrage on the game's three main war zones. Players arrive on the scene equipped with an extensive arsenal of zombie-shredding weapons, ammo, and stim-packs to hold off attacks until all unaffected civilians have safely evacuated the battlegrounds.

Hordes of mutated undead threaten the player and will explode as they reach the shooter, resulting in significant damage to a player’s health points. Brain-splattering head shots maximize the payout in each round and players use their hard-earned blood money to purchase rifles, automatic machine guns, grenade launchers, and laser chainsaws made especially for mowing down mutated terrorist zombies.

To aid in the fight against genetically altered terrorists, random power-ups appear on the battlefield during open-fire, enabling players to summon air-strikes, annihilate every enemy on sight, re-up their artillery, or restore their health.

Terrorist Zombies game video


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