Block Rogue is a puzzle adventure video game developed and published by Buzz Monkey Software for the Apple iPhone. Jump into a gargantuan dungeon with 300 rooms, challenging puzzles, intriguing mysteries, and...shhhh!...lots of secrets in Block Rogue. Use your ingenuity and puzzle-solving skills to see if you can escape!

Block Rogue starts out as a simple block-pushing puzzle game, but quickly introduces complex amalgamations of rolling boulders, death rays, rising columns, switches, traps, and more, through eight different game mode combinations.

You find yourself in a massive dungeon and you’re suffering from amnesia. Your lost memories, however, have been thankfully preserved in a magical talking mirror. The magic mirror says your name is Ilbin and you must push some puzzle blocks around to open a door to the next room where another puzzle awaits. Conquering each puzzle presents you with a choice: Left or Right? The path you choose will determine which puzzles you'll confront and which hidden secrets you'll find. With over 300 dungeon rooms with mind-bending configurations, Block Rogue players will enjoy hours of challenging fun.

But the Block Rogue adventure doesn't stop there. Selecting the "Random" game mode generates hundreds of brand new puzzles using ingenious and sinister puzzle-generating algorithms. So even after you've solved the mysteries of Block Rogue, the game never truly ends!

Block Rogue Puzzle game video


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