Zoey has lost all of her boyfriends, when Erik Night caught her cheating on him, Loren Blake was killed and her imprint with Heath Luck was broken, and has also lost her friends' trust for lying to them. Neferet is up to no good, as proven when Aphrodite receives a vision about Zoey's grandmother writing a poem which was originally a song about dangerous creatures which have the form of ravens. Zoey grows closer to Aphrodite, but also regains her friends' trust when she explains why she could not be truthful to them. A new character, James Stark, is introduced as well. Stark has an instant connection with Zoey. He tells her of his unique gift of never missing his target making him dangerous with a bow and arrow. He dies in her arms when his body rejects the change. Zoey confides in him as he is about to pass away that he may not be permanently dead, and that he may return as a new kind of fledgling. In the end, this proves to be true as Stark returns as an undead creature and follows Neferet's command to injure Stevie Rae and causes her to bleed onto the ground, making it appear as if the earth is bleeding, thus rendering a line in the poem true. This returns the spirit that the poem spoke of back to the surface. Zoey leads her friends, including her former boyfriend Erik Night, away from the House of Night and plans to defeat Neferet and save the House of Night.

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