The Maze of Bones is the first book in the 39 Clues series,

The story begins with the death of Grace Cahill, grandmother of main characters Amy and Dan Cahill.. Just before her death, Mrs. Cahill added the following to her will, creating the premise for the plot. In the will, it said the Cahill family is the biggest and most powerful family in the world. Almost every famous person in history was related to the Cahills, from Columbus, Mozart, to Steven Spielberg. They already had known the size of their family, but they didn't know how famous it was. Everybody at the funeral was shown a video of Grace Cahill explaining that a treasure, a power or secret etc. was hid by their family for centuries in the form of 39 Clues. She said the family were divided in branches based on their personality. The Lucians are cunning and ruthless, the Tomas are active and competitive, the Janus are artistic, and the Ekaterinas, (Ekats for short) are very smart and clever. Amy and Dan do not know what branch they belong to, because everybody else had already known, and they were never told. (Although it is rumored that Amy is a Ekat and Dan is a Tomas.) She then said in the video everybody could either take a million dollars each, or go on a hunt for the 39 Clues. She said they can split in groups and hunt. Only six families (or one person) decides to go on the hunt, including Amy and Dan because they are orphans and their guardian, Grace's sister, though she mistreats them, and she doesn't live with them, hires au pairs. So they decide their life can't get any worse. The other families are the Holts, a family on the Tomas branch who are VERY competitive and will do anything to win. The Starlings, who Amy and Dan do not know much about, enter, and their branch is unknown, (though it is rumored they are Ekats) The Kabras, (nicknamed the Cobras by Dan) are Lucian and are rich and very very ruthless. They are just made up of Ian and Natalie Kabra, with transport and hotels paid for by their parents. They are known to be trained with poison, and Natalie often carries a poison dart gun in her jacket pocket. Alistair Oh, Amy and Dan's distand Korean relitive, who is a clever Ekat, enters. Irina Spasky, their distant cousin and a lucian, enters. Like the Kabras, she is trained with poison and weapons, but she is also trained in torture methods because she was a former KGB agent in the Cold War. The next is Jonah Wizard, a famous teenage Janus who is a rapper and host of the show, "Who Wants to be a Gangsta?". And, finally, Amy and Dan. They decide they need an adult chaperone, so they choose their current au pair, Nellie Gomez. Nellie is a punk music and fun loving teenager who loves to cook. She follows them around the world because she loves them as younger siblings. They all get the first clue at the funeral, but they must find all the others. But Grace's lawyer, who setup the funeral, told them one warning she wanted them all to know: Beware of the Madrigals.

Amy and Dan go to France in order to find the second clue. However they are attacked by other families that are also looking for the 39 Clues. The Starlings are forced to withdraw from the race thanks to a bombing by the Holts at the Franklin Institute. Eventually, the second clue is found and leads them to think that the next clue is in Vienna, Austria.

For your inheritance, you may have the first of thirty-nine clues. The first team to successfully put together the clues, which are scattered across the world, will discover the secret of Cahill power and become the richest, most important people in history.

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