One False Note is a book by Gordan Korman. It is the second book in The 39 Clues series. In this book, Amy and Dan search for their next clue. But the competition will do anything to stop them.

Amy, Dan, and their au pair, Nellie, follow the second clue to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna, Austria, where they learn about his sister, Nannerl. They go to Wolfgang's house and ask for her diary but find out Jonah Wizard stole it. After stealing it back, Nellie translates it and notices that three pages are missing. They then travel to Venice, where they find a secret passage that is the Janus strong hold with the missing pages. The pages say that Nannerl Mozart thought her brother was going crazy because he was getting into debt by buying Japanese steel. In the end, they book a flight to Japan.



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