Christmas with a Capital C is a family film, written by Andrea Gyertson Nasfell and directed by Helmut Schleppi. The film stars Ted McGinley as Dan Reed, Daniel Baldwin as Mitch Bright, Nancy Stafford as Kristen Reed and Brad Stine as Greg Reed.

Plot summery: Christmas has all the time been a special time of worship and ritual in the little town of Trapper Falls, Alaska. Hometown of Mayor Dan Reed (played by Ted McGinley) looks forward to each year with interest to all the proceedings, friends and family that fill this particular time of year. Jointly with his brother Greg (played by Brad Stine), they give-up time from their journey tour company to drape the town is Christmas cheer. When Dan's old high school opponent Mitch Bright (played by Daniel Baldwin) back home after twenty years, Dan is instantly doubtful. Mitch is a highly thriving big city lawyer who has never required anything to do with Trapper Falls. The opposition re-ignites when Mitch takes fault considering the town's blatant breach of the constitution's firm clause. Mitch needs the Nativity scene removed from the front of City hall and more prominently the word Christmas changed to Happy Holidays on all signs. Fifty years of custom are now confronted not by an outcast but a past member of the society. As the clash rise it goes beyond one persons belief but amplifies into a whole town problem when Mitch enters into the mayoral race to have Dan replaced.

In the heat of the legal fight and facing firm beat, Dan's wife Kristen (played by Nancy Stafford) and their daughter Makayla (played by Francesca Derosa) wanting to prove the significance of Christmas are enthused to start a "Christmas with a Capital C" campaign as an attempt to retain the town as one. In doing so they find out the clandestine behind Mitch's return.

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