What is Google Analytics?

It is a handy tool offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. It gives you information which allows you to see how many people are visiting your website, how they are getting there, are they from major search engines such as Google, Yahooo or Bing? pie chart,google analyticsAre they from the sites that you have tried to promote yourself on like Stumbleupon, Twitter or Facebook? Or are they from the sites that you are an active member of like Yahoo Answers or some forums? And most importantly, what they searched for to find you (Keywords used to find Your Site) , how long they were on your site, how many pages they visited etc. It is a very useful tool for helping you test, measure and maximize your SEO and online marketing strategies.

Getting started

1. Sign in to Google Analytics with your Gmail Account (If you don’t have one already then you will need to create a Google Analytics Account)
2. Click on Sign up for Google Analytics. A form will display.

Google Analytics, sign up page
3. In the box, enter your URL.
4. Set your Country and Time zone, and hit Continue. A form will display.

google analytics, add your url, form, picture5. Enter your personal information, and hit continue (please read the terms and conditions and then select the checkbox to accept.)

google analytics, add your personalinformation, form, picture
6. Your Tracking code will then be displayed in a large box:
7. Highlight the code and Copy.

google analytics, tracking code, picture
Add the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogger Blog

1. Open your blogger dashboard
2. Click on Layout or Template.
(It's always a good idea to back up your template before you make any changes. Click on Download Full Template to back up onto your computer.)

blogger layout, picture
3. Scroll down to the bottom and paste the tracking code just before the body tag.
4. Click on Save Template at the bottom of the screen.

Add Google Analytics, blogger html page, picture
5. Back in Google Analytics Click Finish

If you see: Tracking code not detected under the status column.

Click on Check status or Verify Tracking Code under the Status column. Once your tracking code has been verified, the status will change to: Receiving Data.
It will take about 24 hours before you start seeing any data.

Here's a Youtube video guide showing you how easy to install Google Analytics to your Blogger Blog.

If you have any trouble installing Google Analytics, please read:

Tracking Unknown or Not Verified
Why isn't Google Analytics tracking my website?

Back to Basics: Setting up Google Analytics on your Blog


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