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ARMA 2 is a military simulation game for the PC developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio. It is considered the spiritual successor in the Operation Flashpoint-series following its predecessor, ArmA: Armed Assault (ArmA: Combat Operations in North America). The game takes place in the eastern part of a fictional post Soviet state called Chernarus, namely the region of South Zagoria and the remote island of Utes, is in a state of political unrest, with a western backed Democratic government trying to hold onto power from pro Communist forces, after many months of civil war, the Communist forces failed to overthrow the current government and set up the Socialist Republic of Chernarus. The remaining democratic forces ask the west for help and the United States of America send the United States Marine Corps and an Expeditionary Strike Group to anchor off the Chernarus coast.
ArmA 2, video game, poster, chopper
The campaign starts as the U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon lands in Chernarus to try and quell the civil war. Bohemia Interactive revealed during E3 that the game will have a "roleplaying feel to it"; with in-game events affecting the character as well as the entire campaign. An example would be terrorizing noncombatants and losing their trust, thus encouraging them to give away valuable information to enemy forces.

ArmA 2, video game, poster, chopperGame features:

Player-driven story: Role-playing and resource management elements. Command your troops through a branching campaign full of twists and surprises.

Extensive multiplayer: Play the entire solo campaign cooperatively or dive into huge PvP battles for control of the whole map.

Mission Editor: The Intuitive, powerful mission editor lets you design your own missions in minutes or create intricate and unique campaigns. Infinitely extend the game!

ArmA 2, video game, poster, chopper, pc, xbox 360Authentic weapon simulation : Bullet ballistics and deflection, material penetration, real-world magazine capacity, tracers, ammunition types and stopping power.

Unique AI : No scripts, no pre defined pathways. AI adapt and use the open environment on the fly. AI share information, flanking and taking cover to surprise and outsmart players.

Dynamic conversation system: ArmA 2 integrates preset conversations with dynamic queries about the game environment. Talk to soldiers in the field and civilians caught up in the fighting. Soldiers shout and use hand gestures based on real world military doctrine.


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  1. Unknown Says,

    Arma II is chock-full of experiences and features you won't find in any other game. Where else can you fight in vast unscripted battles..
    r4 dsi

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