Personally I would like to have my own Meta description show as the snippet for each of my blogger pages, means I have control over what is showing on search engines. I have always felt that the description Meta tag was very valuable because of the fact that search engines will use it to describe your site in the search results. Since Meta description and Keywords are not automatically generated for Blogger templates you must add them to the HTML markup of your Blogger templates.

I was having the code snippet as described in Google Webmaster Central Blog for several weeks and suddenly discovered that the same Meta description and keyword tags were appearing all pages of my blog, This is highly undesirable and some search engines are known to ban a site that carry the same meta tags and descriptions on more than one page.

By using the code snippet from below, you can be sure not to spam search engines with repeated descriptions and keywords for your blog.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'> <meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='description'/> <meta content='KEYWORDS' name='keywords'/> </b:if>

How to add the above Meta tag to your blogger blog template:

1. Open the blogger dashboard and click the 'layout' button
2. Click on the 'Edit html' tab
3. Add the above code just below: <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

blog,html editor
add meta tags
Replace the with the URL of your homepage.
Replace the DESCRIPTION with a description for your homepage (keep it less than 150 characters).
Replace the word KEYWORDS with a list of keywords separated by commas and relevant for your homepage (keep word repetition less than 3 to avoid keyword spamming).

You need to follow the above steps for each of your blog post and place the code just below the <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> line.

Andrei has implemented a nice tool to generate this code: Meta Description for Each Blogger Page



  1. Utsav Basu Says,

    Graet Content i have done that, but is it sure that it will wors fine, How many keywords should i use for that. description is ok, but can i use 8 keywords which contains 150 characters ?

  2. Hope it works Meta tags are ok if you blog about the same stuff all the time.but when you want to expand content they suck that is where i hope this will work.Adding meta to posts not the blog itself great idea and well explained.i will keep you updated

  3. yes it seem to have worked well by the way i have linked to this post you are here it's a related post check it out and delete this comment if you want the link should do our blogs a little better and i have added you to favorites in technoraatti return the favour by adding me please

  4. Utsav Basu Says,

    Thanks for that but there must be problem for using low number of keywords, but whenever i have used the keywords on my title of the post how many character should i use ?

    Google guidelines does not clear that.

    Someone said 200 char, others does 250, what is accurate number i want to know.

  5. ep6network: It doesn't matter what the length of the Meta Description is as long as Google thinks it's relevant. Visit Google Webmaster Help for more information

  6. Paraspak Says,

    Nice blog maintained on keywords, I have so much problem before reading this but all solved now.

  7. Good Post for the bloggers having a problem with meta tags.More at

  8. Pravin Varma Says,

    Does it mean that if I have 50 posts then the code will be increased to 150+ lines more...

  9. Unknown Says,

    thanks. i'm looking for this tricks a wile ago and success after several times searching through google. i have tried to use the one at but failed. your code works great

  10. its nice yaar thanks this is the real one helpede me

  11. astralbabz Says,

    this is the best, i wish i found this guide a long time ago =)

    <3 NyhedsLink-Tags

    -Anders krog Kruse

  12. Unknown Says,

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