aliens in the attic, they came from upstairs
they came from upstairs, aliens in the attic

It is an adventure/comedy, starring Robert Hoffman, Ashley Tisdale, Carter Jenkins, Henri Young, Regan Young, and Austin Butler .

The Pearson family thinks they have got the ultimate family vacation as they head to their vacation home in Maine. However, soon after arriving to the house, they discover that they are not the only people staying in it since a friendly alien has found the house first. Though the alien is friendly, his friends are not, and they are ready to invade the house. The kids have to gear up and defend their vacation house with everything they have or else the aliens will probe them out to space and destroy the world.

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  1. Jake Malone Says,

    My kids Have told me they want to go to this movie. I will be there July 31st, I know the date, because my kids have told me so many times.

  2. Anonymous Says,

    We cant wait to go see this! Looks like an awesome movie!!

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