It is the tenth book in The Dresden Files continuing series about wizard detective Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.

One year after the events of White Night, things have been going pretty well for Harry, meaning he has had an uncharacteristically peaceful year. The book begins with Harry at the Carpenter home, teaching Molly, his apprentice, to create shields. Suddenly, they are attacked by gruffs, enforcers of the Summer court of faeries. While Harry manages to fight them off, he is left wondering why such a thing would occur. During his ponderings Sergeant Murphy calls him in on a case, which transpires to be a building destroyed by chaotic magic. Mab appears to Harry showing him that the building contained a panic room belonging to John Marcone, Chicago's greatest crime boss, and she forces Dresden to find out what happened and why. The situation spirals downward as more people are being hurt and the questions pile up. In the end it is once again left to Dresden to salvage the situation. Also, this book features the return of one of Harry's greatest nemeses, Nicodemus, who's got a new ace up his sleeve in his quest to cause death and destruction.

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