It is a sequel to the 2005 movie “Into The Blue” , directed by Stephen Herek. The movie kicks off with a message that there are millions of dollars of treasure in the ocean waiting to be found. We see two large containers being dropped into the ocean.

The movie then begins in Honolulu, Hawaii. The person who dumped the large containers goes to meet with a few guys in suits expecting to get paid. But because he dumped the containers and altering the schedule of those container shipments to the customer, he is killed. We are then taken underwater in the blue ocean as Sebastion (Chris Carmack) and his wife Dani (Laura Vandervoort) are dive surfing with a model. We learn that the group own a snorkeling business that rents out equipment for clients. For Sebastion, doing this line of work for people's vacations is not a line of work he wants to do forever.

For Sebastion, there are countless treasures in the ocean that he has been in search of for a long time but one that he has been searching for four years is the Spanish ship "San Cristobal" which sunk somewhere near the North Reef and is rumored to have sunk in the ocean with a lot of treasure. Sebastion believes that if he finds this treasure, this will give him and his wife the opportunity to live a better life.

Sebastion hangs out with his friend and employee Mace (Michael Graziadei)(from "Young and the Restless" and "90210") and his girlfriend Kimi (Mircea Monroe)(from "Drive"), Dani's best friend, who are a couple that have a difficult relationship because Avery tends to mess around with other women. Where Mace and Kimi have a crazy relationship, Sebastion and Dani are very much in love.

While at work, they are visited by Carlton (David Anders)(from "HEROES") and Azra (Marsha Thomason)(from "LOST"), a couple who wants to hire them for diving in the North Reef for a week because they are looking for the San Cristobal.

Of course, Sebastion has been trying for several years to find it but Carlton happens to have a map which may lead them to the treasure. So, both Sebastion and Dani agree to help the couple. The four go on various diving expeditions to find treasure.

We then get to see some of the beach life as all six individuals enjoy the beach. Dani and Kimi and Sebastion and Mace get involved in separate beach volleyball competitions. Sebastion and Mace go against their main diving competitors, Avery (Rand Holdren) who dates a girl named Kelsey (Audrina Patridge) (from "The Hills") who loves to lecture him when he gets into trouble by messing around with women.

While at a club, a random guy hits on the women and grabs the arm of Azra and Azra quickly puts him in a headlock. This raises the first red flag for Dani who becomes suspicious. The following day we learn that Carlton is not really looking for the San Cristobal. He actually helps big clients smuggle treasure to other locations. Both Carlton and Azra tell Sebastion and Dani that if they help them find the two containers, they will earn $500,000. Also, we learn that if Carlton doesn't find the containers in a week, the men will kill them. The reason why he is willing to pay them a lot of money is part of an apology because the men who hired him know the names of Sebastion and Dani and their lives are in danger too.

So, now both Sebastion and Dani are forced to help Carlton and Azra find the two containers but while they are at sea, Avery takes notice and he starts looking to find whatever they are looking for. With their lives threatened, Dani convinces Sebastion that they must look to see what is in those containers and why their lives are being threatened. Something terrible could be in those containers and that they need to check them without bringing Carlton and Azra along.

Thus, the two take their boat out to see late at night to dive and see what those containers are. What they find in the containers are not treasure but a bomb. When they return from their boat after the dive, they are greeted by Carlton and Azra have been hiding in their boat and are ready to kill them. Carlton tells him that in container one is the casing and in container two is a nuclear warhead. One without the other is useless but together creates a powerful weapon. Their goal is to create a second Pearl Harbor.

Will Sebastion and Dani be able to get some help or escape to safety or will they get killed by these terrorists?

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