Unaccustomed Earth is the latest book from Pulitzer Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri. After Interpreter of Maladies, the Pulitzer Prize winning book, this is her second collection of short stories. Just like her other books, Unaccustomed Earth is also a reflection of life of two separate cultures, and how people cope with each other.

The father of Ruma and Romi, who retired from his pharmaceutical company after his wife's death due to a reaction to anesthesia. Ruma's father likes to travel around the world, Europe being one of them. Ruma, being newly settled in suburbs of Seattle with her son Akash and workaholic husband Adam, torn between her life and her father's. She is torn between her father to leave Pennsylvania and afraid he might stay with them, but she also knows that her father needs no care and at the end of story, she realizes that he is not accustomed to her world, he likes to live it in his own. Her father came to visit her and was affectionate to her son but he thinks he does not belong here. He met another Bengali woman on his trip to Europe and wants her company, but doubtful of what her daughter's reaction would be, thus wants to hide the fact. On his way back he lost the postcard he wrote for his newly found friend which falls into Ruma's hand and she realizes her father never intends to stay with them permanently. After her father is gone to catch the plane, she keeps the postcard for the mailman, as if to fulfill and respect her father's desire.

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