the host, Stephenie Meyer, book, novelHaving read all of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The Host was on my most anxiously anticipated list of books to read.

The Host begins with the insertion of an alien into a human's body. Some of the aliens were afraid of using this particular body because Melanie Stryder was part of the resistance that formed after the initial alien invasion. However, it was deemed necessary so they could have access to her memories but they got a lot more than they bargained for. Against the norm Melanie did not fade into obscurity with her memories as the only evidence that she lived. Melanie fought to keep control of her body against the alien Wanderer that now occupied her body. It was only because of their mutual hatred toward their Seeker that they bound together and eventually found a settlement of humans that had escaped the invasion. At first it was hard for the humans to trust that Melanie was still there with Wanderer, nicknamed Wanda by the humans. One by one they started to believe and they saw how she could be helpful. In the human colony they reunite with Jared, Melanie's companion before the alien encounter. They also meet Ian who becomes their unofficial bodyguard while the other humans get used to the idea of a non-hostile alien. Complications arose because of Jared's love for Melanie and Ian's love for Wanda. They could not all have what they wanted. Wanda and Melanie must solve the problem while doing what's best for everyone.

I was a little iffy when I started this book, because it's not exactly my type, but it was really good! Everything was well done: the characters, the descriptions, etc. It really makes you think about how worthy humans are, and teaches you to look at all sides of a story and not judge too quickly. I recommend it!

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