New Moon,twilight, sagaNew Moon is a young adult fantasy-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer sequel to the book Twilight.

New moon is starts out in Bella's senior year. Still together with the dazzling vampire Edward Cullen. Bella has a near death experience that leads Edward to believe that it would be safer for his family and him just to leave Bella alone in Forks, so she would have a chance at a normal life.

For months Bella is like a Zombie until she begins to see Jacob Black, a young native American who lives on the reserve in La Push. We met Jacob briefly in Twilight. One such moment was near the end of the twilight when his father, Billy who is best friends with Bella's father, sends him to the Forks prom to warn her about the Cullens once again.

Anyway she befriends him. She learns about a gang that exist on the reserve, led by an older boy name Sam Uley. Jacob tells Bella how he has a feeling that he will be next to be captured by the boys and be forced to remain with them. Not far after this part of New Moon, Jacob begins to ignore Bella for a few weeks. Bella can take it no longer and goes to La Push to investigate. There she finds out that like Edward, Jacob has a dark secret as well.

The book was really good and I definitely think people of all ages should give it a chance and read it. But make sure you read the first book Twilight first or you could get a little lost in the back story.

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