I Am You (originally titled In Her Skin) is a thriller film written and directed by Simone North and Guy Pearce, Sam Neill, Miranda Otto, Ruth Bradley, Justine Clarke, Rebecca Gibney, Dena Kaplan, Kate Bell, Khan Chittenden, Jeremy Sims, Jack Finsterer, Steven Vidler, Diane Craig, Paul Denny and Tim Boyle.

Movie plot: This is a true story: It's what every parent fears: their child not coming home when they're meant to. On the evening of March 1st, 1999 Rachel Barber, a fifteen year old student, doesn't climb off th... read more e tram to meet her dad, Mike. Elizabeth, her mother, and Mike bolt into action. This simple action-not coming home on time-is totally out of character. Something had gone wrong-something bad had happened to their daughter. Caroline Reed is nineteen and overwhelmed with self-hatred. Writing to her parents that she should have been aborted, she looks in the mirror and sees a fat, ugly, pimply, dirty misfit. Nobody likes her, least of all her father who ignores the barrage of mail she sends-a letter a day. Once Rachel's babysitter, Caroline has found an alter-ego that seems to fit neatly into what she wants to be: pretty, "a free-wheeling spirit", a confident, happy girl, a ballet dancer, the grand-daughter of famous Melbourne author, Ivan Southall. Caroline begins to stalk Rachel, noting her clothes, her movements. She applies for a new birth certificate. In Rachel's name-but with her address. Days roll by-a week passes. Elizabeth loses twenty kilos. Mike turns grey. Manni can't function. Almost two weeks later, a computer analyst with Missing Persons; DePyle, sees one of the posters on his way to work. Touched by the desperate effort of the parents he commences his own private investigation... it can't be official; there's no foul play. Will this crew unravel the mystery of Rachel's disappearance when the police are unwilling to?

I Am You (In Her Skin)

I Am You, In Her Skin, Movie, poster


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