Anuvahood is a comedy film, set for release in the UK on March 18, 2011. The film is written by Adam Deacon and Daniel Toland, and stars Adam Deacon as Kenneth, Femi Oyeniran as Bookie, Ollie Barbieri as Enrique, Jazzie Zonzolo as T.J., Michael Vu as Lesoi, Richie Campbell as Tyrone, Jaime Winstone as Yasmin, Paul Kaye as Tony, Ashley Walters as Cracks, Richard Blackwood as Russell, Eddie Kadi as Tunde, Perry Benson as Brian, Linda Robson as Pauline, Terry Stone as Terry and Wil Johnson as Mike.

Movie synopsis: Kay (Adam Deacon) is a small man with a big dream. All he wants is to be a gangster, a respected man of the type that women love and men fear. That's not too much to ask, is it? Of course, working in a supermarket is not a good way to start, so he quits his job and begins his quest for urban glory. Will Kay find his true worth, in the midst of adversity and humiliation? Or will he become just another man squashed by the realities of life in the city?

Anuvahood movie trailer

Anuvahood, 2011, movie, poster


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