Carmel is an upcoming drama film, release date in the USA to be announced later. The film is directed by Lawrence Roeck and the screenplay is written by Carlos De Los Rios, and stars Josh Hutcherson as Joshua Mason, Hayden Panettiere as Amber, Lauren Bacall as Annemarie Sterling, Alfred Molina as Everly Campbell, Dina Eastwood as Vanessa Reese, Billy Boyd as Bernie, Adam Godley as Pinkus and Alexandra Carl as Rachel.

Movie synopsis: Joshua Mason (Josh Hutcherson) is a troubled 15-year-old who is abandoned and finds himself in Carmel, California. Being an incredible art prodigy, Joshua gets introduced to the world of art forgery. While there, he befriends a retired artist named Annemarie Sterling (Lauren Bacall) who recalls the early days of Carmel artists and their legacy of artistic integrity.

Carmel, 2011, movie, poster


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