Here is the full track listing (songs) for the Radiohead’s new albumTHE KING OF LIMBS”. It is the eighth studio album produced by Nigel Godrich. The new album was released on 18 February 2011 as a download in MP3 and WAV formats. The release date was originally announced as 19 February, but the band reportedly decided at the last minute to make the album available one day early. It will be followed by a physical CD release in the UK on 28 March and a special "newspaper" edition on May 09, 2011.

Complete tracklisting:

1. "Bloom"

2. "Morning Mr Magpie"

3. "Little By Little"

Radiohead, cd, download, mp3, The King of Limbs, audio, cover 4. "Feral"

5. "Lotus Flower"

6. "Codex"

7. "Give Up the Ghost"

8. "Separator"

Music Video - Radiohead "Lotus Flower"

Radiohead - "Bloom"

Radiohead - "Morning Mr Magpie"

Radiohead - "Little By Little"

Radiohead - "Feral"

Radiohead - "Codex"

Radiohead - "Give Up the Ghost"

Radiohead - "Separator"

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