Poker with Bob is a card game available now on iPhone and iPod Touch for $0.99 for Apple iPhone. The game is developed and published by Scary Robot. Poker with Bob is a lighthearted draw poker game with a twist. Face off against Bob, a real time, fully animated 3D character loaded up with several minutes of lip synced animation. Sit down and play a few hands with Bob and enjoy a realistic casino setting with ambient background noise and 3D scenery that moves when you move your phone. Bob rants and raves when he loses and taunts the player mercilessly when he wins.

Poker with Bob game features:

•Five different levels of increasing challenge and higher stakes.

•One-on-one multiplayer available through Bluetooth.

•Multiple high score tables tracking the player's greatest wins as well
as their greatest comebacks.

•Auto-save - Bob keeps track of every hand so even if you have to quit suddenly, the game will be saved right where you left it.

•A full tutorial to help anyone pick up the game of draw poker in no

Poker with Bob Preview Video

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