Here is the full track list for the Curren$y’s upcoming fifth studio albumMuscle Car Chronicles”, set for release on March 15, 2011 via DD172, Def Jam Records. A movie for this album has been produced. It is going to be released along with the album. It will be Curren$y's final album released through DD172 and Def Jam.

Complete track list:

1. "Soundbombin'"

2. "N.O. Shit"

3. "Frosty"

4. "Razors & Chopsticks"

Curren$y, Muscle Car Chronicles, new, album, track, list, cover 5. "Not So Much"

6. "Fly Out" (Part Deux)

7. "Bout It 2011"

8. "The Strangest Life"

9. "Fly Out" (Part Trés) (feat. Mikey Rocks and Tabi Bonney)

Curren$y - "Soundbombin'"

Curren$y - "Fly Out"

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