Bust-a-Move Universe is a puzzle video game developed by Taito and published by Square Enix for Nintendo 3DS, release date to be announced later. It is the next iteration in the popular puzzle series that has remained a fan favorite since it first appeared in 1994 as a TAITO arcade game. While the standard gameplay mechanics remain the same – connect three or more colorful bubbles to make them disappear – several enhanced features will also make their debut in BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSE.

Bust-a-Move Universe game features:

•ENDLESS BUBBLE-POPPING FUN: Clear round after round in Puzzle Mode with its explosive boss battles, or take on 100-second, 300-second or Nonstop Bubbles in Challenge Mode.

•SIMPLE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS: Shoot, connect and burst bubbles of the same color

•FULL 3-D EFFECTS: Engaging gameplay in a vibrant, 3-D universe

•FAMILIAR CAST: Iconic characters Bub and Bob are instantly recognized by gamers as the heroes of BUST-A-MOVE and BUBBLE BOBBLE

Bust-a-Move Universe Puzzle video game

For more information, please visit: www.esrb.org


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