Truth & Treason is a drama film, release date to be announced later. The film is directed by Matt Whitaker and stars CastHaley Joel Osment as Helmuth Hübener, Max von Sydow as Frank Fikeis and Jamie Thomas King as Karl-Heinz Schnibbe.

Movie synopsis: 1941, Hamburg Germany. A loyal Hitler Youth listens quietly to an illegal short-wave radio - BBC broadcasts denouncing Hitler's war machine. Fueled by the nightly broadcasts, young Helmuth Hübener is convinced that Hitler is not the savior of the people but in fact the seducer. The final blow comes when his good friend Salomon, a Jew, is thrust into a concentration camp. Standing in the ransacked chaos of Salomon's empty home, Helmuth decides he must do something. He turns to the only weapon he knows: the written word. Overnight, hand-typed fliers on deep red parchment appear on the streets of Hamburg. "Hitler is a Murderer! He is the guilty one!" Within days he recruits his two best friends. By cover of night, the three boys disperse fliers that rage against Hitler and the Nazi regime. For the boys, it is just the beginning. For the Gestapo, it is high treason. Agent Erich Müssener begins a relentless pursuit of those behind the treasonous fliers...

Truth & Treason (2012) movie trailer

Truth & Treason, movie, poster


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