Syberia 3 is an adventure video game published by Microids for PC system, release date to be announced later. The first Syberia game was acclaimed by critics for its graphic design and intelligent script, and the first sequel, Syberia II, was released in 2004, picking up where the first game left off. Sokal's earlier game Amerzone is located in the same fictional universe, and Syberia contains some references to it. After the release of the second Syberia game Sokal founded his own video game company, White Birds Productions. Another of Sokal's adventure games Paradise has no connections to Syberia but does use the same artistic style and a similar interface.

One of the main innovative points of the game is allegedly its use of collaborate online gaming between players on both PC and PS3, using simultaneous data exchange and sharing on the two platforms. The first press release hints that players will only be able to accompany Walker to the end of the adventure, if they have collaborated with players from the other platform, utilizing each player's abilities. Microïds also stated that this style of collaborative gaming would feature in other future releases from the company. This is uncertain, however, as this dates from an April 1 press release.

Syberia 3 game video


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