The Last Story is an RPG video game for Nintendo Wii, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Mistwalker and AQ Interactive and published by Nintendo. The game will take place on Ruli Island, governed by Count Alganan and located at the entrance of a harbor which serves as the only entrance to a mountainous continent. The player controls a group of mercenaries that have come from the desolate continent to Ruli City seeking work. The production staff is trying to limit science fiction elements in the game.

The game includes abilities such as "Gathering", which allows Elza to draw the attention of enemies to buy time for his allies to cast spells. Another ability called "Focus" which allows you to make long range attacks and see the weaknesses of enemies. A sequence in the first trailer for the game shows an example of the focus ability being used to cast fire magic to destroy a bridge with enemies on it. Pointers show which allies are being targeted at any given time.

The game also contains 6-player cooperative and competitive online modes, where users either team up to face monsters or battle each other.

The Last Story game video



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