Antletics: Archie And The Mysterious Sphere is a text-based adventure video game published by Alfabetweter BVBA for Apple iPad.

In the game, Antchester Town. Little Archie Ant sees a white sphere flying by! His quest for this mysterious object leads him to dreaded Fair-a-Way land. Can Archie unravel the mystery of the sphere? Will he escape the vicious Big Foot?

Antletics for the iPad is an interactive multi-touch storybook. The application, specially designed for iPad contains a gripping story in rhyming verse, lots of animations, an audiobook with sound effects and music and ... hidden lice. By clicking words in the text, hidden lice pop up to explain challenging words: a playful way to broaden the vocabulary of children. Parents and teens will enjoy identifying well-known icons from the worlds of literature, art, history and the movies.

Antletics: Archie And The Mysterious Sphere, game, apple, screen

Antletics: Archie And The Mysterious Sphere game features:

•A gripping story in rhythmic rhyming verses.

•Colourful images with multi-touch animation.

•An audiobook with spoken narration, music and sound effects.

•Hidden smart lice explaining words.

•Funny icons from the worlds of art, culture, movies and literature.

•Sharing your favourite characters with one click on Facebook or via Twitter.

•An animated website with free e-cards, wallpapers and colouring pages.


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