Batman: Arkham City is the follow-up to the Batman: Arkham Asylum, inspired by the DC Comics' Batman. The game is being developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC. Batman: Arkham City is slated for release in the US on October 18, 2011.

Just like Batman: Arkham Asylum, this too is an action driven game that is integrated with slyness and predator tactics. The devices utilized previously will be accessible from the beginning of the Arkham City that will bring about enhanced gaming experience. The sequel has been built upon the foundation that the original game had, though, this installment is certainly going to be more impressive. The gamers will be sent in the air into the Arkham City, which is the latest defense sanctuary of Gotham City's mobsters and other criminals.

In this highly anticipated follow-up, gamers will stumble upon a new cast with the previous characters and wicked villains from the Batman universe. A large part of the gameplay also attributes to give the players with decisive experience such as the Dark Knight.

“Ron Fish and Nick Arundel” from the original Arkham Asylum, are back to write the score for the sequel, and the album is slated for release on October 04, 2011 through Water Tower Music.


Batman, Arkham City, soundtrack, video, game, cd, cover, image Batman: Arkham City - soundtrack

1. "Mercenary" - Panic! at the Disco

2. "Deranged" - Coheed and Cambria

3. "Creature" - The Duke Spirit

4. "Shadow On The Run" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5. "Afterdark" - Blaqk Audio

6. "Oh, Stranger" - The Raveonettes

7. "The Years" - Crosses

8. "Trophy Widow" - The Damned Things

9. "Drown In You" - Daughtry

10. "Losing You" - The Boxer Rebellion

11. "Total Paranoia" - Serj Tankian

Bonus track:

12. "In The Shadow" - A Place to Bury Strangers

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