Here is the complete track listing (songs) for the Whitesnake’s upcoming eleventh studio albumFOREVERMORE”, set for release on March 25, 2011 via Frontiers Records. The new album FOREVERMORE will be released on vinyl, in addition to CD. A special edition of the album, titled 'SNAKE PACK' will be released in UK only, and will contain 2 bonus live tracks, a 132 pages magazine, a pin as well as special album artwork. A digital single for the song titled "LOVE WILL SET YOU FREE" will be released, along with a video for the single on February 21, 2011.

Complete track listing:

1. "Steal Your Heart Away"

2. "All Out of Luck"

3. "Love Will Set You Free"

Whitesnake, Forevermore, cd, new, album, audio, cover 4. "Easier Said Than Done"

5. "Tell Me How"

6. "I Need You (Shine a Light)"

7. "One of These Days"

8. "Love and Treat Me Right"

9. "Dogs in the Street"

10. "Fare Thee Well"

11. "Whipping Boy Blues"

12. "My Evil Ways"

13. "Forevermore"

'Snake Pack' bonus tracks

14. "Slide It In" (Live at Donington 1990)

15. "Cheap an' Nasty" (Live at Donington 1990)

Whitesnake - "Love Will Set You Free"

Whitesnake "Slide It In"

Whitesnake "Cheap an' Nasty"


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