First look at upcoming drama filmWhen We Were Pirates”, release date to be announced later. The film is written by Rafael J. Noble and directed by Jim Hanks, and stars Jorge Garcia as Jason, Rae Dawn Chong as Angela, Jim Hanks as Mikey's Dad, Andy Pessoa as Marvin, John Burke as Art, Julie Pop as June, Rafael J. Noble as Ray, Sharon Zimmer as Jen, Abbe Meryl as Annie, Johnny Liska as Jake, Karen Praxel as Kristin, Matt Ferrucci as Mikey, Richie Gibbs as Dickie, Brian Reise as M.C., Robert Standley as Rod, Erica Chen as Erin, Gage Hanks as Basketball player, Alain Benetar as John, Suzanne Willard as Shelli, Christopher Mario Parker as Chuck and Antony Sauvé as Tony.

Movie synopsis: A tight-knit group of friends, bound together by their love for playing pirate, discover that a childhood promise "written in blood", gives them all they need to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of life.

Stay tuned for more information


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