Here is the complete track list for the Saves the Day’s upcoming seventh studio albumDaybreak”. It is also their first album since Can't Slow Down without long-time guitarist David Soloway, and their first with guitarist Arun Bali, and bassist Rodrigo Palma. The album will also contain short lived member Spencer Peterson on drums for the first and last time. A release date is yet to be set.

Track listing:

1. "Daybreak"

I. "Somehow You Love Me"
II. "Fucked Up Past the Point of Fixing"
III. "8 AM"
IV. "Zig Zag"
V. "Daybreak"

2. "Let It All Go"

3. "1984"

4. "E"

5. "Z"

6. "Deranged & Desperate"

7. "Chameleon"

8. "Living Without Love"

9. "U"

10. "O"

11. "Undress Me"

Live - Saves the Day - "1984"

Live - Saves the Day "Daybreak"

Live - Saves the Day - "Let It All Go"


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