Empire Online is an RPG video game for Apple iPhone developed and published by Lakoo. In the game, players can join forces with other users to adventure, battle and build their own handheld kingdom - obtaining territories and developing conquered lands across numerous world maps along the way. Players can fight together in parties of up to five for turn-based combat, or face off one-on-one in PvP (player-versus-player) gameplay. The game features several chat options and vast possibilities for character development, all for players to easily access and play via iPhone or iPod Touch. To get started, you'll create an avatar from one of five distinct classes - warriors, kung-fu fighters, wizards, hunters and shamans - within four legendary races - Eastland, Nordic, Atlantis and Maya. The game allows players to learn skills designed for other classes, as well as collect power-up gear to outfit your avatar and customize your play experience.'

Empire Online game video

For more information on Empire Online, please visit lakoo.com/en/empire.


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