Double Dragon is an action video game for Apple iPhone, set for release in March 2011. The game is developed by Brizo Interactive and published by Aksys Games. In the game, the Black Warriors have taken Marian hostage, and they present Billy and Jimmy with a grim ultimatum: give up the sacred Sousetsuken scrolls or never see Marian again. Not taking the news lying down, they take to the streets to hunt down the Black Warriors and save her. Equipped with their deadly martial arts prowess and slick street smarts, Billy and Jimmy must carve through an entire army of thugs to see Marian safe again.

Double Dragon game features:

•Double Dragon iPhone has been completely reborn with new remixed music and all new art and character sprites.

•With new attacks, enemies, bosses, and even achievements and hidden characters to unlock, Double Dragon iPhone is nothing short of a new Double Dragon experience.

Double Dragon game video

Double Dragon, game, screen

•With an easy to use on-screen controller and combo system, you’ll be ready to take on an entire horde of thugs in no time!

•Team up with a friend via Bluetooth in Double Dragon Mode and take to the mean streets together.


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