Fieldrunners is a strategic video game for mobile phones, developed and published by Hands-On Mobile, Inc. In the game, build towers in strategic patterns to stop waves of increasingly determined enemies and to extend your game as long as possible. Relentless soldiers, military vehicles and even helicopters will try to break you down. Upgrade your existing units and preserve your cash to buy more powerful weapons for your arsenal to blast the Fieldrunners to oblivion.

Construct your defenses creatively to maximize the impact of your units. Outsmart the enemy units and trap them into well defended areas. Don't let those pesky Fieldrunners get past your strategic defenses, or you'll lose the game.

Fieldrunners game video:

Fieldrunners, game, screen, image, cover, mobile, phone
Fieldrunners game features:

•Fast, fun, addictive strategy gameplay

•Classic and endless play modes

•Translating all-touch controls for required traditional keypad devices

•Fun art and sound effects

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