Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is a RPG video game for Nintendo DS, set to be released on May 18, 2010. The game is developed by tri-Crescendo and published by D3 Publisher.

In the game, players can assume the role of the main character, choose the character's gender, and customize their look. The controls make it easy to customize clothes, hairstyles and facial details of the main character to fit the player's personality. The player can also upgrade equipment, weapons and armor, which are then visually reflected in the character's appearance.

Players can also change shadows in order to tactically overcome the game’s many challenges and formidable bosses. Awakened from a long slumber, the new enemies bear some resemblance to Nene, the defeated adversary of the first game, a conundrum which leads the player, Shu, and friends into a terrifying fight to reclaim the lost shadows and restore balance to the world.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow game video

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