Arcade Darts is a board video game for Sony PlayStation Poratable (PSP), release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Icon Games.

In the game, with authentic darts playing feel, prepare for fun as you control your throws precisely and easily to beat your opponent. Challenge 20 different computer players with a range of skill levels or play against a friend.

Arcade Darts game features:

Varied Play Modes – including Practice, Versus, Arcade, Career and Custom Tournament play.

Arcade Darts,psp, screen, image, box, art, image Game variations – 6 different game variations including 701, 501, 301, Around the Clock, Around the Clock Reverse and Cricket.

2-player ‘Hotseat’ multiplayer – play with friends and family in versus play modes.

Player rewards - unlock new dart flights & dart sets.

Arcade Mode – start at the bottom and progress from rookie to pro with the ultimate goal of becoming the best player. Win rewards and secrets.

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