Windy x Windam is a fighting video game for Nintendo DS developed by Ninja Studio and published by Graffiti Entertainment.

In the game, the kingdom of Gawain is located at the center of the world. The people there use devices called Windies that allow them to fly, with few limits. The power of Windies is an expression of political and military strength, and its power is absolute. This creates inequality in society, and conflict soon follows. Amidst this, the mysterious tournament is held in the Royal city of Flarius. The winner is granted one wish and complete freedom.

Windy x Windam game video

Windy x Windam, box, art, screen, game, ds For a long time, there was no one who would fight. But now a new generation of fighters answer the call. To win their freedom, or to have their wish granted, they all join the tournament in the name of liberty. Whether they know it or not, it's all according to plan...

Windy x Windam game features:

For one to two players

Uses both screens of the Nintendo DS

Ten fighters and three characters to unlock

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