Tucker Ray in: Rednecks vs. Zombies is an action video game for Apple iPhone developed and published by Frozen Giant. Tucker Ray in: Rednecks vs. Zombies is now available for $1.99 in the App Store.

In the game, the action-packed celebration of redneck resilience features three huge levels, five inspired zombies, and a few zombie-ass-kickin' weapons to aid Tucker in his quest. Along the way, our hillbilly hero will pick up Firepower Beer bottlecaps, trucker hats and other power-ups. And he's gonna need them, because if he makes it through the trailer park and farmland infestation, he'll find himself up against a boss fight unlike anything else on the iPhone - Undead Betty: a foul-lookin', cigarette-smokin', redneck-killin' beast of a dead lady.

Tucker Ray in: Rednecks vs. Zombies game video

For more information, visit: http://frozengiant.com/tucker-ray-in-rednecks-vs-zombies/

To download Rednecks vs. Zombies and help Tucker Ray defeat those big, smelly meanies, visit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tucker-ray-in-rednecks-vs/id367765283?mt=8

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