Virtual Villagers: A New Home is a strategy video game for the Nintendo DS, developed by Keen Studios and published by Conspiracy Entertainment.

In the game, when a volcano destroys their former home, a band of survivors find themselves washed up on the shores of the beautiful Isola Island. Luckily, their new homeland appears peaceful and fertile. The stranded villagers are able to find berries, fish are plentiful in the nearby ocean, and building materials are available for the villagers to construct their first huts. Until the player assigns tasks, the villagers wander around the island, just playing tag or chatting, and just like real people, the Virtual Villagers will become sad or sick if not given enough attention. However, the player can help by putting the villagers in touch with their friends. They are able to heal and cheer each other up. Good tempered villagers can even fall in love and have babies, helping the tribe to prosper.

Virtual Villagers, A New Home, box, art, screen,Nintendo, DS Life on the island never stands still. Due to a persistent game world, time continues to move forward even if the Nintendo DS is closed or turned off. When returning to the game, players can always look forward to a surprise such as the villagers celebrating the anniversary of their arrival, finding various messages in the bottles that wash ashore, or discovering a new mini game has been unlocked. Dozens of unexpected events will occur.

Virtual Villagers: A New Home game features:

A group of poor ship wrecked villagers have washed up on the shores of an exotic island...and they need your help! Expand your tribe while uncovering the many mysteries of its new home!

Addictive real-time game play.

Includes a variety of fun mini games.

Easy "Pick up and play" appeal!



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