Super Meat Boy Handheld is a platformer video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by Team Meat. Do you like Super Meat Boy? Can you not wait to play it? Do you only have a dollar? WELL SIR...YOU ARE IN LUCK.

Show your love and support for Super Meat Boy by carrying around an awesome throw back to the old LCD Tiger Handhelds of yesteryear! Impress your friends with its custom backgrounds and sounds! BE THE FIRST KID TO DRIVE TO YOUR GREAT AUNTS HOUSE WHILE PLAYING SUPER MEAT BOY ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON!

It may not be the real Super Meat Boy, but it does come with a Mute Button! And that, for certain, means love from Team Meat.

Super Meat Boy game video

Super Meat Boy Handheld, game, screen, images, iphone, apple Super Meat Boy game features:

Two unique Game Modes.

Game A has you racing to your lady love, Bandage Girl, while jumping over saws.

Game B has you racing to your lady love, Bandage Girl, while dodging falling needles.

A Mute Button!

A Button that shows you a high score!

Custom sounds and graphics made by the boys at Team Meat!


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